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A file of more than 11 million records with detailed financial and attorney-client information regarding a huge number of offshore entities, the "Panama Papers", have been processed and published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The analysis of the papers provided examples of how offshore business entities are used to maintain privacy of personal financial information but also of how they could potentially be misused for illegal purposes e.g. evading international sanctions, tax evasion or fraud.

complias supports financial intermediaries and other companies in their duties to identify, address and mitigate money laundering (AML) related and reputational risks. Within this framework complias offers his services restructuring, standardizing and providing a comprehensive, ready to use list related to the “Panama Papers".

Screening the client/vendor databases against the Panama Papers, analysing the results and taking respective action are essential steps regarding due diligence and appropriate KYC/KYV* procedures.


Request service pricing: necessary information for a pricing are company name and location and client/vendor base volume to screen against the Panama Papers.

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* Know Your Customer / Know Your Vendor


Our fresh-thinking and dynamic enterprise offers a broad and comprehensive variety of compliance solutions for banks and other financial intermediaries:

  • Risk analysis of existing structures and processes
  • Identification, control and elimination of compliance risk issues
  • Development and execution of tailor-made compliance strategies and concepts
  • Project management and compliance requirements
  • Compliance outsourcing solutions
  • Development, establishment and maintenance of internal directives
  • Personnel training
  • Compliance quality control
  • Clarifications and opinions (compliance, legal and risk management)
  • Development of compliance tools
  • Legal services
  • "Crisis" management support (compliance-related)
  • Compliance documentation
  • Financial services regulatory support
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  • complias Country Rating Model ©
  • Three steps to profit generating compliance

Compliance costs

  • Understanding new compliance requirements
  • Translating regulation in practical adequate solutions
  • Implementing new directives and guidelines
  • Costs of systems, internal training, process redesign, information and consultancy
  • Disadvantage of competing with non-complying financial institutions

Cost reducing solutions

  • Involvement in developing practically oriented regulation
  • Incentives for regulators to ensure compliance cost reduction
  • Early communication / information on regulatory requirements
  • Clear guidelines on compliance and liability
  • Reduce complexity and overlaps
  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Eliminate unnecessary compliance efforts
  • Avoiding higher compliance costs and penalties for non-compliance

Profit generating compliance

  • KYC for new clients acquisition purposes
  • Compliance related products for opening new opportunities
  • Compliance systems for more efficient process management and control
  • Cost cutting through upgraded organization
  • Increased interaction with regulators for the promotion of the Swiss financial market


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